Water Heater Leaking? Don’t Panic, Here’s what to Do


Water Heater Leaking

Leaks in your plumbing are never fun and often seem to happen at the worst time. They’re hard to anticipate but it’s important not to panic. Being calm and having a plan in place in the case of a leak means that you’ll be able to sort the problem out faster and be up and running again in no time.

Follow these simple steps in the case of a leak:

Turn off the water

Wherever you notice a leak, make sure that your first step is to turn off the water supply to your house. This will help to prevent the leak from getting worse and causing more damage.

To do this you need to locate your water stopcock which is usually found under the kitchen sink. To turn it off you turn it clockwise and this should stop any leaks from getting worse.

Switch your heater off

As soon as you know there’s a problem with your heater, you should switch off the power right away to prevent any more damage.

If you’ve got an electric water heater this point is very important. Don’t let water and electricity mix. You can usually find the switch on your circuit board. Just locate the circuit breaker box and switch off the breaker for your heater. For gas heaters, you’re probably going to find an off switch on the heater itself.

Arrange a repair or replacement

Act quickly and call up a local, licensed plumber to inspect the damage so that you can get closer to fixing it. Unless you’ve got training and experience, don’t try to tackle the problem yourself or you could end up making it worse. Unfortunately, if you need things replacing, it’s probably not going to be cheap. This is why some people will invest in home insurance to cover the costs.

Don’t ignore leaks

If you’ve only got a little leak, it’s still a problem that needs looking at. While it may start off small, this could grow and become a much bigger problem than you might expect. It’s best to handle it straight away and get advice from a licensed plumber.

If the problem is only small then it might be easy enough to fix but if it’s got the potential to grow into something more serious, you can catch the problem before it gets to that stage and prevent a lot of damage.

Get your plumber on speed dial

Leaks and problems with plumbing have a habit of creeping up on us and taking us by surprise. Make a note of a local plumber who you can quickly get in contact with should something go wrong with your plumbing.

You can call our emergency response line on 0151 522 0736 if you’ve got any plumbing problems you want handled quickly and efficiently.

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