Thousands of Homes Left Without Water after Snow Storms

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The beginning of March has seen freezing temperatures and snow storms across the UK, disrupting travel arrangements, schools and businesses. While temperatures are starting to return to normal for this time of year, the problems caused by freezing temperatures are still to be resolved for many.

Problems across the UK

Homes across the UK and Ireland have had to deal without running water after freezing temperatures caused many pipes to leak and burst during the recent snow storm.

Reports of customers having trouble with their pipelines have come to Anglian Water, Severn Trent, Southern Water, Yorkshire Water, Scottish Water and more.

Some schools and businesses have faced additional closures after the snow because they are still without running water.

Fixing the issues

Engineers across the country are battling to fix the disruptions to water supplies which will take some time.

20,000 properties in London and Thames Valley had their supplies cut off by Thames Water. They have faced lots of criticism for resorting to handing out bottled water to customers. Their Twitter account has been inundated by angry messages from people affected.

Thames Water has apologised and has said that they’ve cut down the number of properties affected to 12,000, which is continuing to fall.

They said: “We’ve seen an increase in leaks and bursts on our network, which we are urgently dealing with as fast as we possibly can. But the sudden and widespread surge in demand, coinciding with the rise in temperatures, means we also need to urge all our customers to check their own pipes for bursts and call a plumber if necessary.

“We are getting as much extra water into our network as we can and sincerely apologise to all our customers who are currently without water or who have low pressure.”

They also released a joint statement with Southern Water, South East Water and Affinity Water, where they all urged customers to use as little water as possible “while things get back to normal.”

Thames Water haven’t said when they expect to get households up and running with their water supplies. However, they did say that their engineers are working around the clock to try and resolve these issues.

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