Six Tips to Use Less Water in Your Home

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Whether you’re looking to use less water to reduce your bill or because you’re a bit environmentally conscious, here are some small steps you can take to reduce usage in your home.


Remember to turn taps off

This might seem like an obvious one but we don’t just mean checking they’re not on before leaving the house. We also mean remembering not to leave them running any longer than necessary.

Do you leave the tap on when brushing your teeth? Get in the habit of turning it on and off. When getting a drink, do you run the water to make sure it’s cold? Try a water jug for the fridge instead. That’s litres of water literally going down the drain that you could cut back on.


Time your showers

It’s easy to spend way too much time in the shower, especially in the age of shower speakers and radios. Instead of wasting time, try and stick to a set amount of time to shower within. This frees up time for you and also saves on water. This is a particularly useful rule to have if you’ve got a busy household, it’ll hopefully cut down on bathroom waiting time.


Only wash full loads

Instead of doing a few small washes during the week, wait until you can fill your washing machine before running a load. This might involve hunting around the house for things to wash but at least you’re saving water and money.

This also goes for dishwashers, there’s no need to put it on for just a couple of plates. Instead, wait until it’s full and save yourself some money on water bills and detergent.


Install a new toilet

Modern toilets are built to avoid using litres and litres of water unnecessarily. They can end up cutting the amount of water used in half. So while it may be an expense to get one installed, it could end up saving you money in the long-run.


Collect rainwater

If you’re into gardening, using tap water to water the plants can be a bit wasteful. Why not collect rainwater (there’s no shortage of it here) to water plants instead. You can collect it in barrels or buckets in the garden so that you’ve got plenty to hand.


Check for leaks

If your water bill seems a little high, you could have a hidden leak somewhere. This could be anything from a leaky tap, to a small crack in a pipe or badly fitted plumbing fixtures.

If you find a leak, it’s worth contacting a licensed plumber who can take care of any leaks or pipe problems affecting your home and water bill.

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