Drain Relining

Drain ReliningWhenever it is feasible we normally recommend, in line with guidance issued by The WRC, that a damaged drain is re-lined with an epoxy-resin liner.

This method of repair restores the structural integrity of the drain whilst preventing further ingress of roots and improving hydraulic efficiency. In essence, re-lining inserts a resin impregnated ‘sock’, which contains fibreglass reinforcement, along the length of the damaged pipe. The ‘sock’ is then moulded to the existing the pipe shape, using air or water to inflate it, and left to cure – leaving a new reinforced pipe within the old damaged pipe.

The advantage of this method of repair, where it can be employed, is that it minimises the disruption and inconvenience associated with major excavation works and significantly reduces costs.

This method of repair is specified, whenever possible, by the Association of British Insurers. All our lining complies with the specifications detailed in the WRc sewer rehabilitation manual (4th edition).

Drain Brains engineers carrying out drain relining.We now also offer sectional patch-lining repair which can quickly and economically apply a short epoxy resin patch liner to repair an isolated area of damaged drain. We use the approved Fernco Pipe Doctor system when undertaking this type of repair.


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