Drain Repairs, Excavation & Renewal

Drain Repairs

Sometimes, when problems are identified in a drainage system, the only solution is to excavate and renew the faulty section of drain.

We have excavated and replaced thousands of metres of damaged drain over the past 14 years using our dedicated, highly skilled drain excavation team who are able to quickly and efficiently expose and replace underground pipe work, whether it is a small localised section or a complete drainage system.

After first using CCTV to assess the extent of the damage and to rule out less intrusive methods of repair, a sonar trace is conducted to pinpoint the exact position of the damaged section of drain in order to minimise the size of the excavation and avoid unnecessary disruption. Our excavation equipment ranges from the smallest micro-digger, which will easily fit through an ordinary doorway, right up to the latest 5t JCB excavator which is able to cope with the largest of jobs.

For those occasions when it is necessary to excavate on the public highway to make a sewer connection we hold full Road and Street Works accreditation.

We endeavour at all times to minimise disruption to our clients and a supervisor is always at hand to discuss any concerns which the client may have as work progresses.

On completion, a site inspection is made by the operations manager to check that the work meets our exacting standards, ensure the site has been cleaned and restored to its former condition, and that the client is fully satisfied with the work.

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