How to Keep Warm This Winter

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Winter is here and we’re all desperately clinging to blankets and hot chocolate. You may find that you’re living in a house that just doesn’t seem to stay warm. So here are some tips on how to keep warm this winter.

Get your boiler checked outHow to Keep Warm This Winter

If your house doesn’t seem to be heating up well, it could be a problem with your boiler. In the future, make sure you get a regular service so that these problems can be foreseen by the time it gets to winter so you’re not left freezing.

Bleed or flush your radiators

If you’ve noticed that the radiators in your house have cold patches near the top, they’ll need bleeding. Bleeding removes trapped air that’s stopping your radiator from heating all the way through.

If they’re cold at the bottom, it’s more likely to be because of a build-up of sludge and rust. In this case you may need to flush your system. Make sure you get the advice of a local, licensed plumber before you do anything.

Keep out draughts

Take a look around your house for any source of draughts and cover them up where you can. This could mean investing in a few draught excluders for your doors or you might want to go one step further and get double glazing installed to stop your heat from escaping and your money going down the drain.

Time your heating well

Getting out of bed can be difficult when it’s too cold. A lot of people will scramble towards the boiler as soon as they get up. The problem with this is that by the time the house heats up, you’ve got to leave for work. This can end up wasting energy.

Instead, make sure you make use of the timer on your boiler and set it to come on before you wake up. It’ll make it easier to jump out of bed and head to work on time.

Cover up bare floors

Wooden floors are pretty popular and for good reason. They look great and are easy to clean. However, they’re also massive heat drains. Heat will escape in between the floor boards leaving you shivering. Invest in some rugs or go for carpet instead.

Don’t rely on portable heaters

These can be handy but they’re also very expensive to run. Your boiler might take longer to heat up but it’s also more likely to be effective. If you only want to heat one room, you can turn radiators off in others. A boiler won’t drain your electricity and you’ll also be able to set a timer on one to make the most of them.