Author: Karl Bilby

Could Drainage Problems Be the Cause of Damp in Your Home?

Drainage Problems Damp is such a common problem in the UK and we’re not just talking about the weather. Damp in our homes is something everyone comes across at some point. It can be very problematic, depending on the cause, [...]

Simple DIY Methods to Fix Smelly Drains

How to repair smelly drains Dodgy smells from your drains is a common enough problem, especially in the summer. Your first instinct may be to ignore it or call a plumber but there are some things you can do to fix the problem yourself. [...]

Water Firms Failed Customers Affected by the ‘Beast from the East’

Water Firms Ofwat has said that water company failings left 200,000 households in England and Wales without water during the “beast from the east” snow storms earlier this year. [...]

Water Company Bosses Were Paid £58m over Last Five Years

Water Company Bosses It has been branded a “national scandal”. Bosses of privatised water companies in the UK have been criticised for receiving £58 million in pay and benefits over the past five years. Meanwhile customers [...]

Why You Should Do Drain Maintenance This Summer

Drain maintenance Drain maintenance is probably the last thing you want to think about when the sun is shining, especially after a long, harsh winter. [...]

Dropped Something Down the Drain? Here’s What to Do Next

Dropped Something Down the Drain Oops you’ve just dropped something in the drain. It’s a common occurrence but we never expect it to happen to us. After the initial panic sets in it’s time to plan what to do next. In many cases you [...]

Moving House? Here’s the Plumbing Checklist all House Buyers Need

Plumbing checklist If you’re shopping around to buy a house or even to rent, you’ve no doubt got 101 things to think about. [...]

Most UK Water Firms Using “Medieval” Method of Finding Water

Method of Finding Water Last year it was revealed that ten of 12 water companies operating in the UK are still using a practice called water dowsing to locate leaks underground, despite there being no evidence that it works. [...]

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing This Winter

how to care for your pipes in Winter It’s time to dig out the de-icer and woolly hats. Winter is well and truly here now. That means you’ll be cracking on the central heating. But what if there’s a problem with your pipes? Frozen pipes [...]

How to Keep Warm This Winter

How to Keep Warm This Winter Winter is here and we’re all desperately clinging to blankets and hot chocolate. You may find that you’re living in a house that just doesn’t seem to stay warm. So here are some tips on how to keep warm [...]