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Water Companies Vow to Cut Prices in England and Wales

Water Companies Vow to Cut Prices Water companies in England and Wales have set out plans to cut or hold prices for millions of customers. United Utilities, Severn Trent and Thames Water made pledges after a political and regulatory [...]

Keep out of the gutter this Christmas – protect your pipes and drains!

protect your pipes and drains Winter is coming. And for those who live with vulnerable pipes, indoor or outdoor, or encounter troublesome yearly drain build-up, the cold climate can often be a period of struggle and financial concern. So, [...]

When Will You Need a CCTV Drain Inspection?

CCTV Drain Surveys If you’re having problems with your drains it can be a difficult task to inspect and diagnose without digging into the ground. Luckily there is a handy alternative - CCTV drain inspection. A CCTV drain [...]

What to Do If You Have a Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain If you’ve noticed that there seems to be a blockage in your plumbing, you might be wondering who to call. Do you just call a plumber? Do you call the council? Can you handle it yourself? [...]

Six Simple Tips for Preventing and Unblocking Shower Drains

how to unblock your drains Having a shower overflow and flood your bathroom is never fun. So we’ve put together some simple tips to fix blocked drains and prevent them from happening in the future. You can also apply these tips to [...]

Thousands of Homes Left Without Water after Snow Storms

homes still without water The beginning of March has seen freezing temperatures and snow storms across the UK, disrupting travel arrangements, schools and businesses. While temperatures are starting to return to normal for this time of [...]

Gove Issues Warning to Water Firms over High Prices and Executive Pay

Gove tells water firms Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary has issued a warning to water companies that he is prepared to give their regulator new powers if they can’t address public concerns. Common concerns from the public [...]

Six Tips to Use Less Water in Your Home

tips to save water Whether you’re looking to use less water to reduce your bill or because you’re a bit environmentally conscious, here are some small steps you can take to reduce usage in your home. [...]

Avoiding Rogue Traders: Here’s How to Choose a Plumber

How to Choose a Plumber We’ve all seen those programmes where people hire dodgy builders or plumbers to take care of simple tasks only to be left with holes in the wall and in their pockets. So when it comes to hire someone to [...]

Don’t Forget to Put Plumbing on Your Holiday Checklist

Plumbing on Your Holiday Checklist Plumbing is probably not at the forefront of anyone’s mind when getting ready to go on holiday. Most people are only worried about whether they’ve packed everything and that they’re going to be on [...]