7 Tips to Solve Household Plumbing Problems

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When there’s a plumbing problem, many homeowners call a plumber straight away to come and sort it. For a simple issue, these trips can cost a lot of money – money you could save with a simple bit of know-how.

We’re offering our plumbing expertise to help you when you’re at home, as well as when you need some professional drain maintenance. Here are our top tips on how to solve the most common Household Plumbing Problemshousehold plumbing problems.

Keep tangles at bay

Avoid tangles hoses with this simple tip. Rather than having to fight free a kitchen sink sprayer, place foam pipe insulation over the pipes and handles. Not only will this deter future feuds with your sink sprayer, but it’s an inexpensive solution that won’t break the bank.

Picture the pipes

…Literally! Take a photo before closing up a wall if you’re remodelling. Having a photo of where your pipes are can save time, money and hassle for when you decide to redecorate in the future. Just make sure you keep the photos in a safe place you’ll remember!

Vacuum the drain

This may sound bizarre to a lot of people, but you have to trust us. If a solid object, such as a toy, toothbrush or hairbrush, gets stuck down the toilet, it’s possible to vacuum it back out without having to call the plumber. You’ll need a wet/dry vacuum cleaner which can be bought for a cheap amount.

Keep pipes quiet

If your house is filled with the sounds of creaking pipes, there’s a quick fix. Pick up some adhesive-backed felt from your local DIY shop and cut it into strips. Then, remove the hangers from each pipe and wrap the strip around. Once you’ve replaced the hangers, your pipes will creak no more.

Find the under floor pipes

If you need to find the location of your pipes, try out this tip. Attach an earth magnet to an electrical fish tape and put this through the cleanout plug, where it will be fed into the drain. Once there, use a compass to locate the magnet – you’ll know you’re there when it starts spinning!

Keep your toilet in business

If you’ve got a plumbing project going on in your house, you might be expecting to have to ask your neighbours if you can use their facilities. With this toilet trick, there’s no need. Before your water is turned off, fill two-gallon buckets with water. You can then flush the toilet by pouring the bucket of water into the bowl.

Shush your sinks

For those who have a loud sink, a simple way to keep them quiet is by filling the in between of the two bowls with expanding foam. Simple, cheap and easy to do yourself!